What happens if I ignore a Trademark Opposition?

Ignoring a trademark opposition can have serious consequences. If you receive a Notice of Opposition, it means that someone is opposing the registration of your trademark and is challenging your right to use the mark. If you ignore the opposition, you risk losing your ability to use the trademark and the trademark registration process will be terminated.

Furthermore, ignoring a trademark opposition can also result in monetary damages or legal fees if the opposition is successful and results in a court case. In addition, if you ignore the opposition, you may lose the ability to use the trademark permanently, which can be a major setback for your business.

It is important to take a trademark opposition seriously and respond in a timely manner. You should consult with an experienced trademark attorney to assess the opposition and to determine the best course of action. If the opposition is meritorious, you may need to abandon your trademark application or find another solution to resolve the dispute.