What is a Trademark Cease & Desist Letter?

A Trademark Cease & Desist Letter is a legal notice sent by the owner of a registered trademark or by their legal representative, to an individual or a business that is allegedly infringing on the trademark. The letter serves as a warning to the recipient to stop using the trademark immediately or face potential legal action.

The letter typically contains a description of the trademark in question and the ways in which it is being infringed, as well as a request for the recipient to stop using the trademark and to take any necessary steps to avoid future infringement. The letter may also include a deadline for the recipient to respond and comply with the cease and desist request.

It is important to note that receiving a Cease & Desist Letter does not necessarily mean that a lawsuit has been filed or will be filed, but it is a serious matter and should not be ignored. If the recipient believes that they have not infringed on the trademark, they may choose to consult with a trademark attorney and respond to the letter with a counter-argument.