What is an Office Action Extension? 

Issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), an Office Action is a written communication from the USPTO that either denies registration of a trademark application or raises concerns or objections to the application.

A trademark applicant may need more time to address the issues raised in the Office Action, so they can file an Office Action Extension request to extend the deadline for submitting a response. The USPTO generally grants one or two extensions of time, but the exact number and length of the extensions depends on the circumstances of each case.

The purpose of an Office Action Extension is to give the applicant additional time to gather evidence, seek legal advice, or make any necessary changes to their trademark application. The extension should be filed before the original response deadline and should explain why more time is needed.

In summary, an Office Action Extension is a request for additional time to respond to an Office Action issued by the USPTO and can help ensure that the trademark application process goes smoothly.